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CertaPro Painter Info

You have probably heard of or did a seach for Certa Pro Painters if you'vre come to this page. I would like to explain the difference between CertaPro and Long Island Painters.

Certapro is not an actualy painting contractor. Certapro is a fransice program that businessmen (usually with no painting experience) buy into. Certapro never sees the work that the fransisee performs. Certapro does not require ANY painting experience to buy a franchise. More the 95% of Cetapro painter are sub-contracted and do not work directrly for CertaPro. Certapro contractors are different from town to town.

My name is Warren Gebhardt and I am the owner of Long Island Painters. I have been in the painting business on Long Island for over 35 years.

Over those years I been involved in almost every type of commercial or residential painting or wallcovering prodject imaginable.

You can trust that i'll be around should you have any issues with work we performed or when you want have another project done.!

Sure many of the CetroPro subcontractors across the country may be qulified painters but you can not assume because you've saw an ad onTV that you'll be getting the true professional you're looking for.

Our Painting Services Include:

Free Estimates Free Estimates Always
wallpaper Consultations Scheduled Quickly
Power Washing On Time For All Appointments
Spray Painting Calls Returned Promptly
Exterior Painting Timely, Clearly Written Proposals
Kitchen Painting Competitive Pricing
Decks Free Color Consultations
Airless Praying Using Only Quality Paints
Power Washing Top Quality Professional Work
Airless Praying Start / Finish Jobs On Time
Power Washing Interior / Exterior
Power Washing Commercial / Residential


Worried about picking colors?Custom Colors
Donít be, Long Island Painters will be there to help! With over 35 years in the painting business, we have worked with all kinds of paint colors and combinations. If you need another opinion, just ask!