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What is a Painting Contractor?Painting-Contractor
A painting contractor can work directly for a home or business owner, or work as a sub-contractor to a general contractor. Long Island Painters does both.

What Will Long Island Painters do, as YOUR Contractor?
First, we’ll set up initial estimates as quickly as possible. At that estimate, which we will be on time for, we will goWe will answer your painting questions over all aspect of your job. We will discuss what work will be performed, how we will organize the job,  take measurements, consult on color,  discuss any potential problems and answer any questions you may have. We'll set up a start date, work straight though from start to finish. And we'll take all the steps necessary to make you completely happy with our painting or wallpaper services.


How To Decide What Painting Contractor To Use?
There are different levels of painting contractors and you may find prices can vary quite a bit. You may find find a bargain Painting-Wallpaper-Estimatepainter who likely isn't a real contractor. A true painting contractor is licensed and insured for potential injury or damages and hopefully has years of experience.
Often the very low or the very high price for that matter are not the best choices. You will find that Long Island Painters prices are usually right in the middle of your estimates. Size, colors, height, type of paint, preparation needed, logistics and other factors all affect the price of any paint or wallpaper job. So call Long Island Painters today for a free comprehensive proposal and make us your next painting contractor.

Some Steps Long Island Painters Take For Quality:

Free Estimates Sanding, Scraping, Spackling
wallpaper Caulking of All Gaps
Power Washing Taping, Skim Coating, Sheetrock Repair
Spray Painting Remove Switch Plates
Exterior Painting Cover Furniture, Floors, Walks, Shrubs
Kitchen Painting Use Masking Tape When Needed
Decks Prime ALL Spackle Spots
Airless Praying Set Popped Nails
Power Washing Apply 2 Coats of Paint
Airless Praying Prime Water Stains / Leaks
Power Washing Powerwash
Power Washing Clean and Remove Debris

What Products (paint and other materials) Will Be Used?
The quality of the materials a contractor uses has major effect Qhality-Paint-Logo on the finished product; it can have quite an impact on the price too. Make sure the contractor you choose uses only high end products! And be aware, just because the paint is a well-known name such as Benjamin Moore, it can still be their lower level paint which is quite cheap and and poor quality. Be sure your quotes detail exactly what paints will be used.

Make Sure You Compare the Same Jobs
Pay attention to details in the proposals. Are closets included, is it one or two coats, will primer be used where called for, and what about the preparation? etc. You don't want any surprises at the end that cost you money and satisfaction.

Does The Contractor Have Proof Of Insurance?Wallpaper
Check the paperwork and make sure they are fully insured. Otherwise any claims for injury or damages can become YOUR problem.

We'll help you with the paint colors.Worried About Picking Colors?
Donít be, Long Island Painters will be there to help! With over 35 years in the painting business, we have worked with all kinds of paint colors and combinations. If you need another opinion, just ask!