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Power Washing

In the right hands a power washer is one of the most valuable tools for exterior painting and cleaning. Using the right tip, on the right surface with the proper cleaning solution can make old siding, brick, stucco,

pavers and cement look new, or be an important part of the preparation for a quality paint job.

Power Washing for Paint Preparation:
There are many steps in preparing an exterior structure for painting. Power washing, in conjunction with cleaning solution if needed, is the best way to remove dirt, mildew, loose paint, chalky film, and other imperfections. Painting over such things will shorten the lifespan of your paint job by years. There are very few paint applications where we will not recommend a powerwashing.

Power Washing for Cleaning:
Whether for your home or business's exterior, a good power washing will wash away years of dirt and grime. Gutters and siding can look like new again. Mold and mildew will be a thing of the past. Sometime cleansers are needed, sometime scrub brushes are needed. Long Island Painter have the experience and know the right way to do the job!

Power Washing Services:

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wallpaper Stucco Vinyl Siding
Power Washing Gutters and Leaders
Spray Painting Lacquered Finishes
Exterior Painting Walkway / Driveways
Kitchen Painting Graffiti Removal
Decks Soffits / Overhangs
Airless Praying Aluminum Structures
Power Washing Slate / Stone / Pavers / Brick
Airless Praying Trex / Fiberon / Decks and more!
Powerwashing Services