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Spray Painting

( Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets )

Spray painting is in a class all its own. If done properly it can actually produce a better quality finish while reducing labor cost – saving YOU money! In the wrong hands however the sagging paint, uneven finishes and damaging overspray can be a nightmare. 

It takes many years of experience with equipment, materials, and techniques to become a truly professional spray painter.

We are experts in spray painting! We will produce a top quality finish and mask all surrounding areas needed for a spotless clean up.
Your spray project may require an airless spray system for large areas and high volume paint application, or your job may call for HVLP spraying for smaller more delicate work where an ultra-fine finish is desired, either way Long Island Painters  have the experience, skills  and equipment to take care of whatever your needs are.

Long Island Painters Spray:

Free Estimates Exterior Homes / Buildings
wallpaper Ceilings / Textured
Power Washing Wainscoting, Doors, Trim
Spray Painting Lacquered Finishes
Exterior Painting Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Painting Wall Units / Shelving
Decks New Construction
Airless Praying Warehouses
Power Washing High Structures
Airless Praying Decks (with a back brush)

"The first thing I spray painted was a stockade fence with a cheap Wagner and held paint sprayer.  That was about 40 years ago. Since then I’ve sprayed all kinds of things with all types of spray equipment, up to a warehouse that needed 800 gallons to complete." Warren Founder/Owner 


Airless Sprayer                Spray Equiptment