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Deck Staining

There is just no way around it, to keep it looking good and to protect it from rotting, YOUR deck must be treated every 1 to 3 years. The length

of time it lasts depends on the brand of stain or clear preservative used, the transparancy of the material, and the quality of the application.

Deck Staining Facts:
Decks Facts Before propperly staining any deck it must be powerwashed (and allowed to properly dry). Skipping this step can lead to peeling, mold growth under the finish and unsightly blemishes showing through the finish.

Decks Facts Most products on the market for decks is now Eco-friendly water based. We have been using them for several years now and they are actually lasting longer then the solvent based products were

Decks Facts The higher the transparancy the shorter the life span of the appocationi. Meaning, Clear or Semi Transparent Stains don't last as long as solid stains On the same note, higher end stains such as Benjamine Moore's or Cabot's also last longer than cheaper products.

Decks Facts Solid stains do have a downside aside from blocking some of the grain of the wood. After several applications, peeling can become an issue.

Decks Facts Stains and clear preservative should be generously applied for best look and longevity.

Decks Facts If you're viewing this page before building your deck, apply 2 coats of clear presevative to ALL of the end cut and sides of each board. This step can double the life of your deck.

Long Island Painters have been staining decks for over 35 years.  We have the equiptment and the know how to stain your deck the proper way. Call us now for a cleary written competitive estimate.






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